Room, Emma Donoghue, 2010 Sunny’s Reading List

For a long time now, I’ve been reading mostly mystery novels, or in other words “fluff.” It wasn’t until recently, when a new friend asked me what I liked to read, that it really hit home that it had been a long time since I had read anything of substance. [ More… ]

WordPress Editing Page Permalinks in WordPress Dashboard

You’ve decided to re-create a page that you had previously deleted.¬†However, after re-creating the page a couple of times, the permalink has become www.yoursite/page-name-2. The reason the page cannot be assigned the same permalink is that the original page still exists.

In order to re-claim the original permalink, the original page must be deleted permanently from the trash can.
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Sunny Balanga Hello World!

I deleted the original “Hello World” post that comes with WordPress, and then it occurred to me that “Hello World” is just perfect as a first post and for this reason I have “resurrected” its status as such.

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