Hawk on Bird Feeder - "Fixed"

A Hawk On My Bird Feeder

This big guy suddenly landed on the bird feeder.

He wasn’t actually interested in the bird food – he was looking to score the small rodents it attracts. I have already seen him up in the high branches of a tree crunching on a mouse once before.

It’s a lousy shot – the iPhone camera only goes so far and by the time I grabbed my “grown-up” camera, the hawk was gone.

The picture on the left is the original picture. Not only is it a cellphone photo, but also it is a gloomy rainy day. The picture on the right is my effort to improve the one on the left. I think it looks better – don’t you?

If only I could fix the outside too! Spring 2011 in Toronto has been so wet I might as well have been living in London! I would have said the tropics, but not only has it been wet, it’s been cold too.

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