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Pens Made from Recycled Paper

I recently received an environmentally friendly pen made from recycled paper from
Stone-Tile International.

Seeing this delighted me in a hopeful kind of way! I was born with an intense dislike for waste and this personality quirk of mine came way before the needs for such measures arose.

Click a picture to view enlarged version.

Kudos Stone-Tile, it makes me very happy to see business making changes in the right direction.

5 thoughts on “Pens Made from Recycled Paper”

  1. Hi Sunny, though it’s a long-shot to find out which person from which department had got this brilliantly designed pen made at stone-tile, it would help if you could point out to the contact there who might give me leads. I wish to get my hands on these pens. Many of them. Very hard to find them though. Cheers!

    1. Hi Harshad, these pens were not manufactured by Stone Tile but rather, Stone Tile uses them as an advertising tool by giving them to their customers. I have no idea who actually manufactures them, but you could email Stone Tile to ask them; they will probably give you the info gladly. I’d be interested in hearing if indeed you do choose to pursue this further.. 🙂

      1. Hi Sunny, Sorry for responding this late. Unf the response notification had featured in my spam folder. Could you please direct me to the people at Stone Tile or their vendors who would have supplied them these pens. I’ll be happy for the lead(s). Thanks!

  2. This is an amazing concept, i had a question though. what happens when these pens come in contact with water. i mean sooner or later, they’re bound to 🙂

    1. Yeah, I too thought it was neat. As to the water problem, I guess it would be the same if, say, your passport landed in water.. You’d just want to be careful that doesn’t happen.. 🙂

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