9 thoughts on “Pen Made from Recycled Paper – 2”

  1. Dear Mr. Sunny,

    We are from Maldives and looking for the recycled paper pen for our resort use and found the picture on your website. Can we get the contact details who manufactured this type of pens for the purchase. Appreciate your early reply.

    1. Hi Raj,

      Actually, I have no clue, but since I’ve already been asked about this several times, I will make an attempt to procure this information (when I can find five minutes to do so,) and will post it here.

  2. I am an Eco-friendly activist in India and also own a paper pencil manufacturing company, our country is faces with grave issues of waste management.We would like to join hands with your company as we are interested in manufacturing pens made from paper as it will solve many problems. Please reply if our association can be fruitful.

    Thank You

    1. My friend, your endeavour is commendable! I would like to clarify that the pen I display here is an item I admired, not one I manufacture. If you do proceed with this type of product, I would love to hear about it! Good luck.. 🙂

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