Chrome Browser Gone Off Screen

Chrome Browser Goes “Off Screen” Fixed/Resolved

UPDATE (December 13, 2017): On June 19th, 2014, Frank wrote (in comment,) that this procedure does not work. This puzzled me greatly as it had worked for me as well as others! Until it didn’t…

The original instructions work perfectly – when the hidden window is minimized. However, when the window is maximized (and many people first try to maximize the window in the hope that this will fix the problem,) an extra step is required (live and learn!) as follows:

  1. Press Alt + Space: This opens the the “Window Menu.”
  2. Choose “Restore” either by clicking on the option if you can see the menu, or by hitting the “R” key when you cannot (see it.)

You can now follow the instructions below and this will work!

UPDATE (July 11, 2013): I was asked the following as a response to this post: “How do you click the chrome screen if it isn’t even on the screen.” Fair question. Answer:

If you’re on a Windows machine, use the key combination ALT+TAB till you are positioned on “Chrome” (and there’s probably an equivalent action for other machines.) You won’t see the window, but it will now be the “active” window. From there follow the instructions in the post.

I was in the middle of writing a post today when suddenly, the Chrome Browser went “off screen.” I could see the browser’s taskbar button, and clicking it put it into an “active” state, but did not bring back the A.W.O.L. browser window. Repeatedly clicking the taskbar activated an animation that fleetingly crossed the screen and disappeared beyond the screen edge, to the right in my case.

I remembered this happening once before, a couple of years ago – here is how to deal with it:

  1. Follow the instructions at the top of the post (in the July 11th, 2013 update, in maroon) in order to make the Chrome browser the “active” window before continuing with the next step.
  2. Press Alt + Space: This opens the the “Window Menu.”
  3. Choose “move” either by clicking on the option if you can see the menu, or by hitting the “M” key.
  4. Hit one of the “arrow” keys, the one with a direction opposite to where your browser window has gone (mine went to the right, so I hit the “left arrow” key) enough times until you can see the enough of the browser to be able to drag it.
  5. Drag the browser to the desired position.
  6. Close the browser (this is important in order to ensure that this new position of the browser is saved and will be the position of the browser the next time you open it. Skipping this step means that the last saved position is “off screen”. Should the browser close improperly, it will re-open in the last saved position, that is “off screen” and this procedure will need to be repeated.)
  7. Re-open you browser and proceed normally.

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  1. This page helped me to my solution, although there were some things I could not make work. I had Chrome screen lost to the left, just a centimetre showing. Found I could call up the repositioning button by right clicking at the top border of what I could see, then get the frame moved over enough to grab and drag it into shape. However, when I closed, it all slipped away again. Trick in the end, I think, was to re-open a previous link before closing. Okay for now, anyway, but thinking of switching browsers.

  2. Wish this fix worked… windows are opening up “invisible”, and when clicking alt+space and then choosing “move” and by clicking ANY directional arrow the window will appear MIDSCREEN screen ready to be moved, so it is not an issue with it opening barely on screen or on a ghost monitor or anything that are common problems with easy solutions….mine is ACTUALLY an invisible window, ONLY by right clicking on the multitask pop up taskbar and doing the above will make the windows show up–when hovering over the window tab all other windows open will fog out so as to display the active window, but it just shows the desktop.

    It would be great if I could use chrome and not have a 4 step process for EVERY window opened…


    1. Hi Tim!

      I can only imagine your frustration!

      Some things worth trying (easiest first):

        1. It does sound like it’s not a new a problem, in which case you have probably already rebooted since it happened, unless you haven’t? The number of things a reboot can fix never ceases to amaze!

        2. Check that you have the latest version of Google Chrome and update if you don’t.

        3. Check “Windows” update to make sure you are current.

        4. Disable any Google Chrome “extensions/add-ons” you may have installed and that may be conflicting in some way with your configuration I would also restart Chrome or even reboot afterwards. If this solves the problem, try your extensions one by one until you find the offending extension. If you do find an offending extension, see if you can get an update for it (it’s also a good idea to check for updates for all your extension as Google Chrome unfortunately does not notify when extension updates are available.)

        5. Start Windows in Safe mode and then try to run Chrome (you could also try to run msconfig.exe and choose “Selective Startup.”

        6. Do a full Google Chrome reset: (go to Google Chrome settings, at the very bottom click “Advanced” and again at the bottom click “Reset.” If it hasn’t worked, a reboot at this stage might work. You’d be surprised…

        7. Uninstall and reinstall a fresh copy of Google Chrome (and, yup! Reboot!)

        I’d love to hear that you did find a fix, here or elsewhere, and what it was!

        Good luck!


        P.S. I am unclear on one point that you made; you mentioned that this fix didn’t work for you, but then you added that when you hit alt+space and then “M,” the window did appear; The part that is unclear is: Is the window operational at that point? (And yes, I know it would be annoying if you had to do this every time you want to use Chrome!)Also, you didn’t mention whether this is how Chrome behaved right from the start, or if this issue appeared later on.

    2. Tim,

      I have the same issue. The window that pop’s open for me flies off into the corner of the screen only exposing the bottom of the window. I can only get to the window if I shut down the extended display (which is frustrating as the issue is only with Chrome).

      I reset Chrome, uninstalled it and re-installed it, checked all display settings (I use 2 displays main/extended) Please note that Edge, Mozilla, and Opera work well. Is it time to change browsers?

      1. Hi Stephen,

        As to changing browsers, I have to admit that I find Chrome to be “temperamental” in a variety of contexts, and I use it only when I need to. When I do, the above fix works perfectly, and btw, I too have a dual-monitor setup.

  3. I spent days trying to solve this problem! Even started to use Edge. Thanks for this simple, effective solution.

  4. I’ve been trying to fix this all day. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Whats ridiculous is how many posts there are on this topic, not that I could read any of the right side of them. Thanks again!!!!

  5. Thanks for the tip. Works for me and fixed this issue. But I do have a suggestion. Step 0 should be:

    0. Press Alt + Tab (repeat) until Chrome browser is selected so it becomes the “active” window despite that you still cannot see it.

    1. Hi King!

      So glad this helped you!

      Funny you should mention, I added an update to the top of the post incorporating the info you suggested back in July of 2013. However, your comment has made me realize that because of the plethora of information we come across on a daily basis, we have developed the tendency to scan for and find the main gist of an article only, and it appears the manner in which I added the info is not conducive to this practice. Thus, I will add a step “0” pointer to this info!

      Thanks for alerting my attention to the matter!!!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 3 days of using IE due to Chrome disappearing, and I was about ready to throw the computer out the window! Worked first time, easy as, now to bookmark your page (in IE of course) in case it happens again. Genius 🙂

    1. Frank, when you say “the menu opens up,” do you mean the menu that gives you the window options such as “move” “minimize” etc?

      If that is the case, it is at that point that you use your keyboard’s directional arrows to pull Chrome’s window back into the visible screen area, i.e., if it disappeared to the right, use the “left” arrow repeatedly until you see the window (or whichever other arrow is opposite to the direction the Chrome window disappeared off screen to.)

  7. Worked like a charm for me, thank you sir. Last time it happened to me I had to force close chrome and pray that my window wasn’t at least so far off screen the next time.

  8. Thank you Dave for this easy fix. This happened to me 2 days ago and I had no idea how to fix it. With your easy instructions I was able to fix right away. Thanks again!

  9. I wanted to thank you for such a simple solution to the problem. It drives me crazy when things stop working the way they should all of a sudden, and you can’t figure out how to fix it!
    thank you again

    1. Hi Dave, If you’re on a Windows machine, use the key combination ALT+TAB till you are positioned on “Chrome.” You won’t see the window, but it will now be the “active” window. From there follow the instructions in the post.

      Actually, that’s a good question and I will add the info to the post for completeness. Thanks for pointing this out!

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