The Silky Smooth Marquee, WordPress, and Chrome

UPDATE (Jun 27, 2013):

The marquee tag was born in the 90s and fell out of favour at some point later on. I still like the usage I found for it on the cat rescue website below, and I am now hearing that this facility is coming back into favour with CSS3. The CCS3 implementation has its problems too, so I am waiting for them to be resolved before switching methodologies. Note that the marquee tag is still supported by all browsers, but does break validation.

I added Remy Sharp’s Silky Smooth Marquee to the North Toronto Cat Rescue WordPress website to display random facts in a scrolling banner.

I noticed, however, that sometimes, in Chrome (but not in IE or FF or Safari,) the text appeared as a block instead of as one long line. I am unable to duplicate the problem here on this website, but here’s what worked to fix it. In your CSS stylesheet, add the following:

marquee {
    white-space: nowrap;

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