Can I Be Your Friend?

In real life, it is sometimes easier to have a difficult conversation with someone over the telephone, or even in a letter, rather than face to face. Is it merely the physical distance that gives us more confidence to speak our minds? Maybe it’s the fact that our facial expressions cannot be scrutinized.

For whatever reason, it seems that we tend to feel more comfortable with expressing ourselves when our audience is at arm’s length. In fact, with the advent of social media, we have turned this type of communication into an art form. Our social customs are rewriting themselves. What we couldn’t fathom doing in real life is entirely acceptable online. This is where this video comes in, demonstrating quite comically how different our online life is from our real social lives.

Chrome Browser Goes “Off Screen” Fixed/Resolved

UPDATE (December 13, 2017): On June 19th, 2014, Frank wrote (in comment,) that this procedure does not work. This puzzled me greatly as it had worked for me as well as others! Until it didn’t…

The original instructions work perfectly – when the hidden window is minimized. However, when the window is maximized (and many people first try to maximize the window in the hope that this will fix the problem,) an extra step is required (live and learn!) as follows:

  1. Press Alt + Space: This opens the the “Window Menu.”
  2. Choose “Restore” either by clicking on the option if you can see the menu, or by hitting the “R” key when you cannot (see it.)

You can now follow the instructions below and this will work!

UPDATE (July 11, 2013): I was asked the following as a response to this post: “How do you click the chrome screen if it isn’t even on the screen.” Fair question. Answer:

If you’re on a Windows machine, use the key combination ALT+TAB till you are positioned on “Chrome” (and there’s probably an equivalent action for other machines.) You won’t see the window, but it will now be the “active” window. From there follow the instructions in the post.

I was in the middle of writing a post today when suddenly, the Chrome Browser went “off screen.” I could see the browser’s taskbar button, and clicking it put it into an “active” state, but did not bring back the A.W.O.L. browser window. Repeatedly clicking the taskbar activated an animation that fleetingly crossed the screen and disappeared beyond the screen edge, to the right in my case.

I remembered this happening once before, a couple of years ago – here is how to deal with it:

  1. Follow the instructions at the top of the post (in the July 11th, 2013 update, in maroon) in order to make the Chrome browser the “active” window before continuing with the next step.
  2. Press Alt + Space: This opens the the “Window Menu.”
  3. Choose “move” either by clicking on the option if you can see the menu, or by hitting the “M” key.
  4. Hit one of the “arrow” keys, the one with a direction opposite to where your browser window has gone (mine went to the right, so I hit the “left arrow” key) enough times until you can see the enough of the browser to be able to drag it.
  5. Drag the browser to the desired position.
  6. Close the browser (this is important in order to ensure that this new position of the browser is saved and will be the position of the browser the next time you open it. Skipping this step means that the last saved position is “off screen”. Should the browser close improperly, it will re-open in the last saved position, that is “off screen” and this procedure will need to be repeated.)
  7. Re-open you browser and proceed normally.

Pens Made from Recycled Paper

I recently received an environmentally friendly pen made from recycled paper from
Stone-Tile International.

Seeing this delighted me in a hopeful kind of way! I was born with an intense dislike for waste and this personality quirk of mine came way before the needs for such measures arose.

Click a picture to view enlarged version.

Kudos Stone-Tile, it makes me very happy to see business making changes in the right direction.

A Hawk On My Bird Feeder

This big guy suddenly landed on the bird feeder.

He wasn’t actually interested in the bird food – he was looking to score the small rodents it attracts. I have already seen him up in the high branches of a tree crunching on a mouse once before.

It’s a lousy shot – the iPhone camera only goes so far and by the time I grabbed my “grown-up” camera, the hawk was gone.

The picture on the left is the original picture. Not only is it a cellphone photo, but also it is a gloomy rainy day. The picture on the right is my effort to improve the one on the left. I think it looks better – don’t you?

If only I could fix the outside too! Spring 2011 in Toronto has been so wet I might as well have been living in London! I would have said the tropics, but not only has it been wet, it’s been cold too.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

It’s been a couple of months since I set up this blog and I haven’t yet been able to find a spare moment to write a new blog post. This is hardly disappointing to the hordes of people who haven’t even heard of my blog, but for those of you who have stumbled upon my new home here – I would like to wish you a spectacularly easy and pleasant 2011!

Of all the activities I like to engage in, I have been cooking both food and web pages:

Food – mostly out of necessity. However, I have been taking the time to photograph the preparation process, so hopefully sometime soon I will be writing up some of the new recipes.

Web pages – I’ve been busy transforming my charity’s website to a WordPress site. This has “eaten” every spare moment I had and then some, but the conversion is now finally done, more or less, as you can see HERE. I have since moved on to work to automate the insertion/deletion/modification of cat info into the cat galleries. This of course will be invisible to the public as it is strictly an admin function, but I will provide screenshots of the finished product in due course.

Finally, I have also been collecting photographs for the “Shits and Giggles” gallery as I come across things which amuse me, and I plan to process and post them for your enjoyment some time next year (had to get that one out of my system..)



Hello World!

I deleted the original “Hello World” post that comes with WordPress, and then it occurred to me that “Hello World” is just perfect as a first post and for this reason I have “resurrected” its status as such.

Hello World indeed! It is great to be here. It’s been quite a journey, and almost every bit of it fun!
I will share my adventures past and future in the web-design section.