The About Food

Since I've been eating, cooking and collecting recipes for quite a while now, I do have some great ones to share with you. Put your money where your mouth is means I should already have many recipes here for you, but as of June 2011, I have "bubkas", and I don't mean those delectable chocoloate filled yeast cakes, but rather figuratively, to indicate nothing, nada zip - babkas!

I seem to be living what I not so fondly refer to as a "last minute life." 'Nuff said. But I promise, I am itching to get going on this. I have been cooking and I have been documenting the cooking via photography and the recording of recipes, so I do have material to share with you, I just need a bit of time to get it all down on - why do I want to say paper? Soon.. (Caviat: The word "soon" has become an inside joke at our house. When I say "soon", please take it with a grain of salt.. :)

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