Happy New Year

Happy New Year

It’s been a couple of months since I set up this blog and I haven’t yet been able to find a spare moment to write a new blog post. This is hardly disappointing to the hordes of people who haven’t even heard of my blog, but for those of you who have stumbled upon my new home here – I would like to wish you a spectacularly easy and pleasant 2011!

Of all the activities I like to engage in, I have been cooking both food and web pages:

Food – mostly out of necessity. However, I have been taking the time to photograph the preparation process, so hopefully sometime soon I will be writing up some of the new recipes.

Web pages – I’ve been busy transforming my charity’s website to a WordPress site. This has “eaten” every spare moment I had and then some, but the conversion is now finally done, more or less, as you can see HERE. I have since moved on to work to automate the insertion/deletion/modification of cat info into the cat galleries. This of course will be invisible to the public as it is strictly an admin function, but I will provide screenshots of the finished product in due course.

Finally, I have also been collecting photographs for the “Shits and Giggles” gallery as I come across things which amuse me, and I plan to process and post them for your enjoyment some time next year (had to get that one out of my system..)



Toronto Cats for Adoption: Rosie and the Lap Cats

Kitty Poster

UPDATE: February 2011 – All four kittens have now found their forever homes.

These kitties were rescued, socialized, spayed/neutered, and vaccinated.

Looking for really great homes where they will be loved, adored, and pampered for the next 20-25 years no matter what! They have been together since birth, so ideally they would go in pairs.

If you are interested, you can contact me through the contact form below or leave me a comment (scroll down to the end of the page).

This is where Rosie and her brothers were being raised by their mom

Rosie, Einie & Kink
These kittens were being raised along the side of a garage, on the brink of an underground parking driveway.

Rosie, Einie & Kink
The Kittens
The Driveway
The odds of their survival were not good, especially as winter was approaching and mom was unable to find covered shelter. In fact, of her previous litter – there was only one survivor.

The Mama

The Mama
Pixie is all of seven pounds at full adult site. A young queen (‘unaltered’ female cat) who has had a number of litters (something she had no real choice about) outdoors. Pixie has since been spayed and is now living inside. She is still quite timid.

Generally, the older they are when they are brought in, the longer it takes for them to socialize. That said, they are very much the individuals and there is no formula to determine how long it will take. If you have any experience with cats, then you know that they do everything on their own timetable. “You can’t rush a turtle” also applies to the cat.

That said, no matter what anyone tells you about it not being possible to socialize “ferral” cats, it’s not true in over ninety-percent of cases. Most are so happy to be inside (the Canadian outdoors is just no place for cats in the winter), that once they have gotten over their natural fear of you (a most basic fear of being eaten), they are grateful and loving in a way no home raised cats can know.

The Papa

Patches is a very big and very beautiful boy! It took Patches all of six months to decide that befriending humans was definitely the way to go.

Having been inside for about a year, Patches is now a most affectionate lap cat of all things! He is so incredibly content – it’s quite gratifying. Non-managed outdoor cats typically live an average of several hours to three years at most (the exclusion being some exceptionally managed colonies.)

Rubik’s Cube: Cube Works

So what else can you do with the Rubik cube besides solve it? The answer is “Cubeworks”.

Cube Works Studio is a Toronto-based design studio which specializes in creating large-scale art and images using only Rubik’s Cubes. Most recently, the team set a Guinness World record for creating the world’s largest Rubik’s Cube art piece – daVinci’s ‘Last Supper’ which measures over 17 feet across and over 8 feet in height. The piece, comprised of 4,050 Rubik’s Cubes is the first of it’s kind.

Hand of God
Cube Works Studio has recently unveiled ‘The Hand of God’, again setting a Guinness World record by using 12,090 Rubik’s Cubes. The next project for the studio is recreating the Sistine Chapel. The Hand of God is the first project’s first step. By completion, over 250,000 Rubik’s Cubes will have been used.

This is a mockup of the studio’s next project, slated for the summer of 2011

Here are some more of my favourite Cube Works projects:

The Performers

Cube Works - Billy Idol
Cube Works - Kiss
Cube Works - Lennon

The Archies

Cube Works - VeronicaCube Works - ArchieCube Works - Betty

The Movie Stars

Face Painting Gallery

I volunteer with a charity called “North Toronto Cat Rescue”. One of the things I do is face-painting at our events. Here’s a sampling of some of “my faces”:

Click an image to enlarge it and then continue browsing the gallery.

  • Doggie

  • Dalmation

  • Dragon

  • Kitty

  • Butterfly

  • Butterfly

  • Princess

  • Evil Dude

    Evil Dude
  • Batman

  • Soldier

  • Dragon

  • Butterfly

  • Doggie

  • Paw Twins

    Paw Twins
  • Butterfly

  • Spiderman

  • Jungle Cat

    Jungle Cat
  • Dragon


Egg Sandwich with Sautéed Tomatos and Melted Jarlsberg Cheese

This is my go to meal when I’m in the pickiest of moods and just can’t figure out what I might eat. This is a breakfast I am happy to have for lunch and even for dinner. It’s warm, satisfying and packed with umami from the tomatos. In addition, helping to make this a perfect meal is the fact that it is so quick to prepare.

I hope you enjoy this sandwich as much as I do. Make sure to have napkins at the ready because the egg yolk is going to love your face.. 🙂


1 Slice of Bread (or anything else you might like to substitute)
2 tsp butter (for frying tomatos and eggs) + Butter (for spreading on bread)
1 tbsp oil (for frying tomatos and eggs)
4 Thin Tomato Slices (1/8″)
2 Eggs (I like to buy the ones that say “no antibiotics”)
Salt and Pepper (other spices if you like – I often flavor my eggs with cumin, or my current favorite – sumac.)
2 Slice of your favorite cheese (I use Jarlserg)


  1. Heat the pan, add 1 tbsp of oil and 1 of the teaspoons of butter.
  2. Add the tomatos to the pan, sprinkle top with equal amounts of salt and sugar, continue to sauté until the tomatos are “wilted”, and when done set them aside – cover to keep warm.
  3. Fry the eggs, I like them “sunny-side-up”, but you can also do scrambled, or whatever else may strike your fancy. Salt and pepper your eggs to taste, and if you’ve opted for any other spices, add them now.
  4. Top the eggs with cheese and use the lid to help melt the cheese. The cheese melts quite quickly, in about 30 seconds to a minute, so make sure you check on it.
  5. If you want your bread toasted, do it now.
  6. Assemble your open-face sandwich: Spread the bread with butter, lay the tomatos atop the butter, add the cheese topped eggs – enjoy!

Click an image to enlarge it and then continue browsing the gallery.

  • Assembly Step 1: Butter the Toast

    Step 1
  • Assembly Step 2: Add sautéed tomatos.

    Step 2
  • Assembly Step 3: Lay the eggs

    Step 3
  • Assembly Step 4: Top with Cheese

    Step 4


  1. Tomatos are expected to have some degree of natural sweetness, but some tomatos are sweeter than others. Long term refrigeration makes it possible for us to have year-round access to produce that would not be available to us under normal conditions, but this is not without a price – some flavor loss is inevitable. For this reason I add a bit of sugar, the same amount as I do salt, to enhance what should have been the natural sweetness of the tomato.
  2. If you don’t like your egg white runny, put a lid on the pan. This will help cook the egg white completely. If you’re like me and you do love your yolk runny, don’t leave that lid on too long.
  3. Finally, use the lid method to melt the cheese too.

Rubik’s Cube: Game Plan (Pun Definitely Intended)

Rubik's CubeThe Rubik cube challenge is to solve the it as fast as possible – my current solve record is 78 seconds.

For fast solves, new algorithms must be learned. The more algorithms memorized, the faster the solve. That and practice, practice, practice.

My favorite site for algorithms is ZenDraL.net. The algorithms are some of the ‘friendlier’ and ‘easier’ to manipulate and memorize.

I take the cube with me everywhere I go. I cube whenever I have to wait for an appointment, I cube when watching TV – I cube therefore I am!

Marble Mosaic in Outdoor Courtyard

Marble Mosaic, Courtyard

I installed this mosaic in an outdoor courtyard. For perspective, this section is about ten feet by ten feet, so one-hundred square feet.

The stones are a white limestone/marble, imported from the former Yugoslavia.

The mosaic pieces are one inch wide by one to two inches long.

What made the work exceptionally challenging is the tile’s one-and-a-quarter inch thickness, which caused the tiles to topple over constantly, and to shift and slide from their installed position while they were drying. This required nightly visits to correct these misaligned pieces before drying was completed.

Not sure if this picture does the project justice, will take some more photos soon. This place looks like a Mediterranean haven (which was the intended look.)

Marble Mosaic, Deck
Coming next, phase 2: Marble mosaic in open deck flooring. This next phase has already begun. I have yet to fill in the empty areas with mosaic.

I had hoped to get to this earlier in the year, as in before the cold weather set it, but it looks like I’m going to be working with heaters, which really only serve to provide an illusion of warmth in the Canadian cold outdoors.

Update: Spring 2011

The cold came and went so I guess I won’t be needing those heaters after all. Oh well, “dem’s the breaks” – I seem to be living a “last minute life.”

Hello World!

I deleted the original “Hello World” post that comes with WordPress, and then it occurred to me that “Hello World” is just perfect as a first post and for this reason I have “resurrected” its status as such.

Hello World indeed! It is great to be here. It’s been quite a journey, and almost every bit of it fun!
I will share my adventures past and future in the web-design section.