Of all the things I thought I'd grow up to be.. The "tile guy"? Really?

This was not so much an issue of: "If you want it done well," as it was an issue of "if you want it done - "period!" Oh well, it was how I found a new love - working with stones - stones rock! (Pun accidental, but very much intented.)

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The Projects

Marble Mosaic, Courtyard

Cat Rescue

City streets are no place for a cat. From being hit by a car, poisoned by people, contracting infections and starvation, an gruesome end is inevitable. To deal with this program, there is a surprising the number of rescue organizations and indivuduals dedicated to the cause.

I have recently found myself inspired to join their ranks and have jumped in to rescue "my" backyard cats.

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The Cats

This is how I do my good deeds!


Hunting down the music videos I want to share with you will be a bit of a project, but for you, I will do it with love.. :)

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The Videos


To get a really good picture, you have to take many many pictures. For this reason, I love digital cameras! Take all the pictures you want without the worry of developing costs.

I have a Canon Digital Rebel, which is a bit amateurish, but I'm not claiming any professionalism here. That said, maybe one of these days..

I also have an iPhone which I find very convenient for the spontaneous spanshot. Fairly decent quality as well - for pics on the fly anyway.

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The Rubik's Cube

The Rubik Cube - it's not about whether you CAN solve it - it's about HOW FAST can you solve it?!

To solve the cube you will need algorithms. There are many different types of algorithms. The more algorithms you learn, the faster your solve.

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The Cubes

Cubing - it's fun, try it

Browsing the Net

With the amount of information that is out there these days, browsing now legitimately qualifies as a pastime.

Here is where I will share links that are "share worthy," as well as links to my friends' sites because I love them.. :)

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