My Flash MP3 Player

wAMP is a flash implementation of a web mp3 player.

I'm not sure where this is going. I need some feedback on this project. Let me know what YOU think.

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The Player: wAMP

wAMP by Sunny Balanga

This is just an image, click on it to go the player's page.

Blogging with WordPress

WordPress is a long journey, and I'm just at the beginning.

I didn't bring with me all the equipment one needs for such a trek. I have to pick things up "on the road." That's okay though - I probably enjoy "hiking" WordPress as much as I enjoy hiking in the great outdoors.

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Blogging with WordPress


I usually work on a need to know basis. When I joined my charity, NTCR, there was no one to maintain the website. I knew it would be something I could "figure out." It has since been a journey of discovery and pure delight.

With the development of this site, I now have two sites under my belt - let them be fruitful and multiply..

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The Web Sites

NTCR Website, designed by Sunny Balanga